Sunday, 9 December 2012

This Week

These past few weeks have been so stressful with essay deadlines and presentations, however we never miss to indulge ourselves in our favourite things amongst all the chaos.
Here are a few things which delighted us and kept us motivated throughout this hectic period.
 A beautifully laid out suite in Selfridges which put a smile on our faces. Interior design inspiration!
The new collection from Stella McCartney, a colourful pop to your otherwise dull festive wardrobe.
Starting to feel the festive fever, putting the Christmas decorations up was a lethargic process.
A masterpiece of a birthday cake for Granddad Joe's 70th birthday meal.
Delicious mid-week meal out, just what we needed to relax!


Isa said...

That cake is so, so adorable - did yo make it? And I love the lime green couch!

Fabliha said...

that Stella Mcartney is so fresh and beautiful :)